About Suzhou

Suzhou is situated in the water network whose streets are built along the river and people live near the water. Front lanes, back rivers, constitute a Chinese painting of bridge, river and beautiful house. Suzhou has both the beauty of gardens and the victory of rich mountains and rivers. Suzhou gardens have almost become the pronoun of Suzhou. It is always impossible to go to Suzhou without visiting several gardens such as Zhuozheng Garden and Liuyuan Garden. And the scenery of Taihu Lake outside Suzhou City, each ancient watery region full of the charm of the south of the Yangtze River, has made Suzhou more flexible in water.

Written historical records indicate that Suzhou has a history of over 4000 years, which entitles the city one of "24 Cultural and Historic Cities" approved as the first group of its kind by the State Council. It now covers 5 districts (Gusu, Huqiu, Wuzhong, Xiangcheng and Wujiang), and takes charge of 4 county-level cities: Changshu City, Zhangjiagang City, Kunshan City and Taicang City. With the development of Suzhou's economy, there are two large areas in the East and west of Suzhou's ancient city: Sino-Singapore Industrial Park and high-tech development zone. Among the nine emerging industrial cities listed in Business Weekly, Suzhou is the only one in Asia. Suzhou has become a hot spot of international investment and a high-tech concentrated area. As long as we get out of the old city, we will be confronted with the modern atmosphere and the city management which is in line with the international standards. Yesterday, Little Suzhou has developed into Big Suzhou, which has become the most dynamic young modern city.

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